8 Different Types Of Background Checks That Every Employer Must Know

Human resource is one of the essential resources of a company; without them, the company cannot achieve its goals. Excellent employees can maximize the growth of the company. The dedicated staff helps to complete the targets on time and provide excellent results, whereas the inefficient staff can produce devastating results. Therefore, it is necessary to make the hiring decision with utmost care. For this, a great method is introduced, i.e., background check. A background screening is the best method to pick a needle from the haystack. 

It is necessary to conduct performance analysis and review processes to check the existing employees’ performance and help them improve. In the case of new hiring, an employment background check is needed to ensure that the candidate is fit for the job.

What is a background check?

background check is a process performed by many companies to evaluate that a person is who they claim to be. With the help of a background check, a company can quickly check a person’s education, criminal record, employment history, drug record, and other past activities that can affect the company’s operation. Whether you want to buy a firearm, are looking for an apartment, or a job, you need to undergo a background check to prove your validity.

There are many types of background checks, but it doesn’t mean you need to undergo all of them. Instead, there are some specific backgrounds checks are performed depending on the situation. To help you know these different types of background checks, here is a list of 11 common background checks and their use in different situations.

Let’s discuss them in more detail:

Education verification

Attended doesn’t mean graduated; hiring any manager or accountant based on the information mentioned in the resume can produce negative results. Sometimes the person is not the same who he claims to be. So while making a hiring decision, it is essential to conduct education verification checks.

Today education check is considered an essential part of background screening. No matter it is a white-collar or blue-collar job, it requires some specific education qualification. Therefore, rather than trusting the documents, it is extremely important to conduct an education background check.

It has been observed from past years that many job applicants misrepresent their qualifications to make them fit for a job. It is difficult to detect faults in institutes, degree forgery, or fake claims; thereby, it needs background verification.

Criminal background checks

A criminal background check is necessary for an organization or a person to know about past fraud, criminal activity, embezzlement, violent or sex crimes, or any other crime before making the hiring decision. In addition, the organization generally conducts a criminal background check to validate whether the employee could create an unsafe work environment or pose a threat to the organization.

An employee’s criminal history can drastically affect the reputation and safety of the company. However, some jobs require a high level of trust, like a stock manager who handles a large amount of inventory. In these cases, it is essential to check that the candidate has ever been charged with fraud or theft.

The criminal record checks help you to make an informed and confident decision and while hiring the candidate.

Professional license

For a professional job like an accountant, realtor, doctor, or engineer, it is necessary to possess a valid license. The background screening process helps to protect the employer’s interest, and it is the best technique to find a diamond from the rubbish.

Generally, the background screening company has great contacts with the higher authorities of the state licensing board. So it is easy for them to verify the expiry or good standing of the license.

Candidate history

The negligent hiring of the candidates can produce devastating results and also pose a threat to the company. Hiring an employee without background screening could be a liability to the organization. Various studies and reports have Sean that one in every five candidates generally in their resumes.

The introduction of background checks has minimized the chances of fraud and misrepresentation. An employment background screening includes the Candidate’s education qualification, medical history, work history, criminal record and driving record, etc.

Today social media of the individual serves as the authoritative and best source for background screening. 


Universal background checks

A universal background check is mandatory if a person wants to buy a firearm. While buying a firearm from the manufacturer, licensed importer, dealer, or any other seller, the NICS (National Instant Background Check System) performs a universal background check of the person to check the buyer’s eligibility to buy a firearm.

The cases in which the person cannot pass the universal background check include misdemeanor, persons with open arrest warrants, criminal convictions, Felony offenses, domestic violence, or living in the country illegally.

There are thirteen states and Washington DC that have made the universal background check essential at the point of sale.

E-verify background checks

The company’s employers use this type of background screening to verify the candidate’s employment eligibility and identity. In addition, the newly hired candidates are required to fill the form as government records to prove that the candidate is authorized to work in the organizations and is free from any charges.

E-verify phone is the best method to check the authorization of the new employees. 

International background check

In the US, if the employer wants to hire someone who has studied, worked, or lived in any other country, then the employer must conduct an international background check along with the employment background screening.

With the help of an international background check, the employer can easily get the verification record for the international employment, education, and criminal record. Depending on the result of this check, the employer can make a hiring decision. 

In order to perform the international background screening, the country requires certain documents of the person such as a passport, a copy of identity proof like ration card, voter id, etc. 

Credit score

If you want to buy a car loan or apply for a credit card, it is mandatory to pass the credit score. The credit score is also called a credit report card. The banks conduct it to identify the record of the credit to debt ratio of the person. 

In the finance industry, the chances of fraud and embezzlement are high, so it is recommended to conduct a credit background screening to avoid any loss.

There are various rules for conducting this type of background screening. For example, suppose you reject the candidate based on credit score. In that case, you need to provide them a valid reason and also need to share the contact information of the credit reporting company. Through this, in case of false information, the candidate can get a chance to represent himself and clarify the misinformation.

Final words

The main aim of the background check is to provide a complete record of the person’s past activities. In addition, it is to assess whether the candidate is fit for the business or poses a threat to the company in the future. Depending on the background screening, you can get to know whether to trust the candidate or not. 

Indeed, the past actions of the candidate don’t predict his future actions. But the use of background checks is increasing these days to develop more trust in the employees and ensure great workplace safety.

Richard Administrator
Hi, this is Richard. I am a part-time writer and a full-time mother to my dog. I specialize in health and fitness writing.I love listening to Lo-Fi music
Richard Administrator
Hi, this is Richard. I am a part-time writer and a full-time mother to my dog. I specialize in health and fitness writing.I love listening to Lo-Fi music