HCG Weight Loss Tips

HCG Diet Direct is a physician developed diet which is scientifically formulated with the right amount of ingredients and nutrition to help you lose weight fast.

In the HCG Diet Direct plan, the main component is the HCG drops. Naturally when a person loses weight, he becomes irritable and develops mood swings. Clients of the HCG Diet Direct testified that they didn’t experience any of that rollercoaster of emotions, if anything, they were not cranky at all and in fact they said that they have much more energy. After the fourth or fifth day of the diet plan, loss weight happens day after day.


 What will you get if you sign up for the HCG Diet Direct? You can go to their website to get a list of their products for as low as $12.95. You can see options on how many days you want to take HCG drops ranging from 7 to 40 days. All drops and kits come with free diet instructions, sample menus and shopping list. To give you more insights about the product, it is advisable to check some proven reviews online. This will allow you to know some of the detailed information and description of the product.

Being a member of NovusOP™, an established brand for health pharmaceutical and research distribution in the US, HCG Diet Direct drops are manufactured in a FDA-established and certified laboratory. To assure consumers that the products and procedures being carried out by HCGDietDirect comply with high standards and strict guidelines, the company is certified by the US-based Optimized Health Organization (OHO) which implemented series of manufacturing site inspection.

Seals of approval meanwhile are provided by Trust Gauge and Validated Site—market research sites which review sites visited by consumers for trustworthiness. Both have validated the information and content that HCG Diet Direct provide and have ranked the site as number one in their category.

The company states its physician-developed formula provides twice the dosage than most HCG drops on the market, which can prevent your body from entering starvation mode.

The HCG Diet Direct formula includes HCG, amino acides and other proprietary ingredients that can serve as digestion agents, anti-irritability support, lymphatic stimulates, natural diuretics, muscle toners, nutrition and glands supports, energy promoters, cellulite dissolvers, liver support and much more.

HCG Diet Direct offers a variety of HCG drops kits, supplements and health products to maxize weight loss. Users can choose from 7-day, 15-day, 26-30 day and 40-day HCG drop plans. The website also offers a maintenance diet kit and other dieting support materials to help you gain a fully successful weight loss.


 The main downside of HCG Diet Direct is the cost. The company prices its 7-day HCG drops kit at $44.95, the 26-30 day kit at $154.99 and the 40-day kit at $229.99. This is quite a bit pricier than other similar products on the market, such as My HCG Plus, HCG Ultra Diet Drops and HCG EZ Drops. Users have to pay for the HCG Diet Direct recipes, while other companies offer similar recipe guides for free to their customers.


 HCG Diet Direct drops are very safe for both men and women. Their HCG drops are produced in the USA under strict guidelines in their FDA certified lab.

Retail Price / Special Offer

 If you are decided to take the HCG Diet Direct program, you can go to their website for purchasing HCG drops starting from $44.95 (for 7-day supply) to $229.95 (40-day kit).

The website offers Sample HCG Diet, an instructional meal guide to what you can have within the day while you are taking the HCG drops. You can also purchase the HCG Diet Direct Recipe Guide only for $12.95 for an everyday meal plan on what to eat to help you get the best results.

Customer Satisfaction

 A lot of customers have sent positive feedback on the effectiveness of the HCG Diet Direct plan, customers who even swore to losing 7 pounds in just 6 days. There are a lot of testimonials that can be found on the site including before and after photos and video interviews about their success story. Check it out and see how HCG Diet Direct can help you the same way it has helped many.

Richard Administrator
Hi, this is Richard. I am a part-time writer and a full-time mother to my dog. I specialize in health and fitness writing.I love listening to Lo-Fi music
Richard Administrator
Hi, this is Richard. I am a part-time writer and a full-time mother to my dog. I specialize in health and fitness writing.I love listening to Lo-Fi music