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James’ Pest Control Franchise

If you’re going to do a great job cleaning someone’s carpets, you need to be both efficient and effective. The same goes for running your business. But most new business owners tend to “stumble along”, learning everything as they go – and that can be expensive as well as frustrating. That’s why a James’ Home Services Franchise is your best chance to become the manager of your own successful business, creating happy and satisfied customers. We train you thoroughly in all the skills you need, and continue to support you 100%, every step of the way.

Computerised Support System

From November 2008, each Franchisee will benefit from a fully computerised business system exclusive to James’ Home Services, called The Butler. This amazing tool helps you with your bookkeeping and accounts and also to view and plot your business scope and progression, giving you graphs, statistics and diagnostics which will allow you to maximise your planning and profits. Your Regional Master Franchisee will also help you with a regular review and analysis of your “Key Performance Indicators”, which we have collected via our internal monitoring system. Your computer will also come with full software, wireless Internet capability and will allow your clients to easily make automatic payments via credit card or Internet transfer.

Marketing & Advertising

James’ Home Services have developed a memorable and highly-visible branding and advertising strategy over the last fifteen years. The proven effectiveness of our marketing has resulted in a situation where demand for our services outstrips supply. We receive between 5000 – 6000 new calls per month at our Customer Service Centre, and up to 50% of these enquiries are from customers outside current service areas. All details are recorded and can be passed on to you when you open your Franchise, thus giving you an immediate customer base.

We undertake extensive and effective consumer-oriented marketing strategies incorporating TV, radio, brochures, Yellow Pages, the Internet, shopping centre promotions, charity events, markets & fetes and merchandising, all of which reinforce our trusted brand’s reputation for professional and friendly service.

In addition:

Our website has recently undergone a $40,000 makeover, and we are continuing to develop our Internet strategy, enabling us to reach far more customers through this important new medium.

Promotions, media releases, charity events, markets and fetes and merchandising all reinforce our trusted brand’s reputation for professional and friendly service and increase our market share.

Competitions, such as holiday giveaways, are used as both customer and franchisee incentives, with $100,000 worth of prizes now given away annually.

Brand awareness and community goodwill has been raised through sponsorship of local sporting groups including basketball and cricket teams, horse riding clubs and major sporting events.

Written Manuals

Our full written manuals give you easy-to-follow instructions (and the secrets behind our business, such as James’ Home Services exclusive “8 Simple Steps For Extraordinary Business Success”). These manuals are your detailed reference guide to running every aspect of your business, from day-to-day operation to long-term planning. These complete, proven business systems are built on the original principles established by founder Robert James in his initial car-cleaning business, and have been tested, measured and refined over fifteen years.


We believe our training, support and marketing systems are second to none. Our extensive initial training (one-on-one with your individual coach) covers all the practical aspects of the quickest and most effective ways to clean carpets and upholstery, as you learn from experienced real-life franchisees who have “been there, done that”.

Just as importantly, you will be fully trained by your own “business coach” in all the business skills you need to be successful, including accounting (budgeting, GST, bookkeeping etc), goal setting, Occupational Health & Safety, marketing, hiring and training staff etc.

Ongoing Support

Your training doesn’t end once your business begins – we provide extensive ongoing coaching and support. On each level of the business, James’ Home Services have developed a systemised meeting structure. Unlike many other franchise businesses, we have designed our system so that only a very limited number of Service Franchisees (around 5 – 7) are reporting to each Regional Franchisee. You’ll have regular meetings with your coach, (weekly, fortnightly or monthly, depending on your stage of development as a Franchisee) and can call them for help and advice at any time

Monthly Networking

You’ll enjoy the chance to network with other Franchisees, with monthly meetings which also include extra training sessions, PowerPoint and video presentations, and/or special guest speakers.


All Franchisees at all levels attend a National Annual Conference, at which awards for the Top Franchisees of the Year are given. In addition, Regional Master Franchisees present a monthly encouragement award to one of their Service Franchisees, as recognition of a particular financial goal or other significant achievement.

Equipment, Products and Uniforms

Everything you need is fully supplied including environmentally-friendly cleaning products, your trailer and all equipment, business stationery and lightweight, practical and comfortable James’ Home Services uniforms.

Lower Costs, Better Business

Unlike many other new businesses, you eliminate the high cost of premises rental, because you can run your business from home. We’ll provide you with assistance in finding finance if needed, and work with you each step of the way to get the best insurance for your business. Because we’ve had fifteen years to get it right, we can show you how to minimise your costs and maximise your profits.

Customer and Franchisee Surveys

We undertake annual surveys of our Regional and State Master Franchisees to determine their performance in the eyes of their Service Franchisees. Ongoing measurement and analysis of the calls we receive to our central call centre, along with customer satisfaction surveys, allows us to monitor and improve our marketing and customer relations.

Designed For Success

We can only succeed if you’re successful. That’s why our systems are designed to ensure your franchise runs smoothly and makes good money. James’ Home Services are confident that we offer an outstanding, proven system that will help you create your own successful business.

Our reputation is vitally important to us, and to you, so we determine the suitability of all Franchisees through our initial discussions before proceeding any further. Police background checks are also required.

We also want you to be sure you’ve asked all the questions you want to and sought independent legal and financial advice. We want you to do your homework, ask questions and talk to other James’ Home Services franchise holders to help you make the right decision. In fact, it’s a requirement of our contract that your solicitor has gone through it in detail with you!In conclusion, James Pest Control Franchise is one of the best you can find in the United States, which is why it has numerous outlets all over the world but on a side note, if you have Zothex flooring in your house, then it would be difficult for the pests to do any harm, which is a good enough reason to visit its website at and learn more about it in detail.

Richard Administrator
Hi, this is Richard. I am a part-time writer and a full-time mother to my dog. I specialize in health and fitness writing.I love listening to Lo-Fi music
Richard Administrator
Hi, this is Richard. I am a part-time writer and a full-time mother to my dog. I specialize in health and fitness writing.I love listening to Lo-Fi music