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Methods Of Increasing The Effectiveness Of Bodybuilding

Scientists have identified all the genes of man, and now are beginning to determine which of them are responsible for the effort, power, stamina, athletic performance, body type and intelligence. In the near future it will be possible identification of children who have genetic advantages in the development of muscular strength, endurance and sportsmanship. Not an easy task, but genetic closely they will help you to identify athletic talent. For many years, sports trainers use of special techniques for the determination of body type, motor skills and basic parameters of fitness (eg, running the 100 meters, high jump and long, pull-ups, and so on). New DNA tests will help to raise athletic identity to a higher level. 

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Training using chains: overload the muscles

As we approach the extreme point of the amplitude exercise vyPpolnyaetsya easier because of the improvement of lever. Some machines, such as “Nautilus” or «Universal Gym», compensate by changing the length of the lever forwards (with cams and rollers), which gives an increasing. The use of chains allows to do the same. The chains are fixed on each side of the neck, and most of them in the initial stages recovery is on the floor. Raising the weight you lift and the chain link by link, which progressively increases the resistance. Such power guru, the great power-lifter Louie Simmons (Louis Simmons) and legendary hammer thrower and coach Jud Logan (Jud Logan), used the chain as an important element of training equipment. In his article about the training with chains Dr. Joseph Berning (Joseph Berning), Cheryl Coker (Cheril Coker) and Kent Adams (Kent Adams) talk about lack of scientific studies on the subject, but many athletes and coaches have reported significant increase in strength as a result of application circuits. Varying training programs by changing exercise or manner of their performance is very important to maintain motivation and optimize progress. Training with chains exotic, interesting and can bring considerable diversity in sporting activities.

The benefits of reduced amplitude renirovochnye leadership and most trainers recommend vypolTnyat exercise in full amplitude. Overall, this is the right advice, as the full range helps maintain flexibility and to minimize pressure on the joints. However, there is concern that the strength built in the reduced amplitude of the exercises may not be passed on polnoamplitudnye movement. Israeli researchers have found that overloading of the quadriceps in eccentric and concentric movements within a limited amplitude (angle at the knee from 30 ° to 60 °) increased the amplitude of the force at the points corresponding to the bending of the knee in 10 °, 45 ° and 80 °. In the concentric phase of the muscles shorten, producing efforts, eccentric – lengthening under load. Work in a shortened amplitude helps strengthen blind spots and maximize overload (eg cardinality rack training), and allows to resume training before the injury.

The intensity or amount: what is more important? he majority of training programs do not stimulate all the muscle fibers. Intense Btrenirovki developed primarily bystrosokraschayuschihsya fiber, while the volume is aimed at training and a small amount medlennosokraschayuschiesya bystrosokraschayuschihsya fibers. Analyzing the available scientific data, Dr. Andrew Fry (Andrew Fry) of the University of Memphis, said that strength athletes who train at high intensity (90% of the maximum water repetition), in particular, weightlifters and powerlifters, increase the size of bystrosokraschayuschihsya fibers and bodybuilders alike successfully developing both types of fibers. Training loads in the range of 80 to 90% of the maximum intensity produced the greatest muscle growth. Training volume at high intensity are important to stimulate muscle growth, but they should not be so high as to adversely affect the intensity. For example, you may wish to perform three sets of six reps with weights of 150 kg while pressing lying down, but will be forced to reduce the weight to 125kg, to make five sets. Do not take the training intensity to sacrifice the number of sets. It would be better to work first with heavy weights and lose weight at the onset of fatigue than working with lower weights in all the approaches.

Last to get the most out of strength training, endurance athletes should also work hard. The latter does not need to fear of weight gain, as the type of endurance training program to limit muscle hypertrophy. Bodybuilders have to train hard to overload bystrosokraschayuschihsya fiber, but do not forget about volumes, something to develop medlennosokraschayuschiesya.

Pull rod to the chin build arms and shoulders witch rod upward develop shoulders, the front surface of the hands, neck and back verThny region. Involve several large muscle groups, this exercise is a great upper body builder. Traction movements help strengthen and balance the muscles of the shoulder joint, is a good complement to zhimam lying, zhimam with chest and lifting hands to the sides. Technology Implementation rods is: using pronated grip (palms facing you), take a close grip and neck stand up straight. Pull the bar to your upper chest, then return to starting position. During the execution of rods stand directly with slightly bent knees. Do not allow cheating case and not toss the neck up.

Periodization for weightlifters yazhelaya athletics – is an Olympic sport in which competition exercises are Tryvok and push. Periodization training (called cycling) is common among bodybuilders, weightlifters and athletes of power sports. The body is best adapted to the training load in terms of adequate rest and regular changes in the nature of stress. The annual plan is called periodization macrocycle and is divided into a number of periods, called megacycle.

Each is divided into Megacycle, in which the volume and intensity of training vary from week to week. Basic mesocycles include duty cycle (high volume, moderate intensity), peak cycle (high volume, moderate intensity), the recovery cycle (leisure), and air conditioning cycle (general physical shape, with an emphasis on strength, power endurance, aerobic capacity and flexibility ). Emidio Pistilli (Emidio Pistilli) and colleagues described the periodic eight-week training program for national weightlifting championship. The first four weeks meant high volume training (5-10 sets, 2-6 reps, 80-90% of the maximum weight), which aims to perfect techniques of strength training. During the next four weeks, the athletes trained with high intensity (up to 100% of the maximum load) in a low number of sets and reps (3-6 sets of 1-4 reps). The two-week recovery cycle after the competition include a secondary movement and general exercises with a load of 70-80% of maximum. Bodybuilders have much to learn from the experience of weightlifters, but be aware that these programs are designed for maximum output and power, not muscle growth.

Richard Administrator
Hi, this is Richard. I am a part-time writer and a full-time mother to my dog. I specialize in health and fitness writing.I love listening to Lo-Fi music
Richard Administrator
Hi, this is Richard. I am a part-time writer and a full-time mother to my dog. I specialize in health and fitness writing.I love listening to Lo-Fi music