Minecraft 1.3 Pre-Release – What do need to know about the release!!

I have been trying out the latest Snaphot (weekly release of Minecraft for bug testing) which is currently 12(year)w25(week 25 of the year). As I was playing, I realized that it was my review of the 1.2 Pre Prelease that landed me this gig, and thought this would be a good thing to do. I apologize in advance for two things, the sheer size of this review, as there are many new features I have to cram into one article, and the quality of some images, I had to put two into one by shrinking them, and that made them unclear.

Into the review. Ill just lay out the features here, and you can find them if there are specific ones you want. Temples and pyramids, Emeralds and Trading, Lan, Cheats and Chests, the anxiously anticipated Adventure mode, and a few changes. The mojang account creation will update about the new releases and updates. The use of the right skills is necessary to know about the changes. For winning, the players can cheat in the game. The adventure mode will deliver the required success to the individuals.

Wow. I am still getting over the awesomeness of these. In Desert and Jungle biomes, you may come across a new structure. A Temple for Jungles, and Pyramid for Desert.

The Temple is a cobblestone building, with 3 layers. The Entrance, which has some stairs, the top, which is just for a view, and the bottom. The Bottom is the great one. Down here, there are tripwire traps meant to stop you getting to the treasure. Tripwire Traps are new items, made up of two parts. In a straight line in the crafting option, Iron Ingot, Stick, Wooden planks. That gives you two hooks. The wire is just string, which is now placeable. You have to put the string on all the blocks between the hooks for this to work. When a player or mob crosses the wire, a red stone pulse is emitted. In the Temples, this starts a dispenser firing arrows at you. Pretty cool. At the end of this, there is a chest with goodies in it, ranging from food to gems, including diamonds.

There is also a secret room, which you have to open with levers. The one I found had pistons, one to take  a roof block, and two to move the sticky piston. In that room is more goodies.

Now for the Pyramids.

These are a bit different to the Temples, but same principle. These have an entrance, with two small towers off to either side. At first glance, you won’t notice anything strange, but in the middle of the room, usually a 3×3 hole around the middle square, is a big drop. You should dig a staircase down, and be careful. There are 4 chests this time, again containing food, armor, weapons, gems and metals. But this time, the trap is deadly. Notice the pressure plate in the middle? Well, that is connected to TNT. The 9 blocks that make up the floor are sitting on TNT. You stand on the plate, you are in trouble. The first time I got a pyramid, I just stared in shock as I was blown up.

I prefer the Temples, as they are bigger, but the Pyramids are still nice.

There is now a currency item; Emerald. This is found in ores when mined, but these are extremely rare, and only found in Extreme Hills and Extreme Hills Edge biomes. Emerald blocks can be obtained by filling up the crafting table grid with emeralds. These can be taken back later for 9 emerald. The best way to get Emeralds is to trade for them.

Trading? But we can’t trade in Single Player. Can we? Yes we can. Now Squidwards have a use; Trading. As we have come to know, each Villager has a profession, and that’s all. Well no longer! With 1.3, trading is coming. You only have to right click a villager to see their trade option. Simple.

They will give you the option to trade emeralds for goods, or goods for emeralds. A GUI comes up with the settings (X emeralds for X wool, as an example) which you can’t change. You put the amount of goods required in the first box, and take out the traded item in the second one.

Back to professions, these play a key role in trading. The options for trade are dependent on the Profession. Butchers offer/accept meat, Blacksmiths offer/accept metals, armour, and weapons, etc. I actually found myself living nearby a village as I harvested sheep, grain, etc. in order to get some Emeralds. Possibly the best one though is the Priest, who I found offers Enchanted weapons. I was offered an Enchanted Unbreaking II Stone axe for the low price of the axe and 3 emeralds.

We have all been in our awesome Single Player Map, and wished to show our friends, but didn’t have the skills, or capabilities, for a server to put our world onto. This is changed. You now have an ‘Open to LAN’ option in the In-game menu. This literally turns your map into a server for people on your local internet, no IP needed. At the other end, you just need your friend to open up Multiplayer and it searches LAN for any open games, similar to the Pocket Edition. I haven’t had any experience with this, so post your opinions for others to see? Thanks.

When you create a world, in “More World Options”, you can enable cheats, and bonus chest.

Cheats are Single Payer Commands, taken from the Mod. You can change do a range of things, with my favorite being Teleport. You only have to enter /tp <player name> <x> <y> <z> and it takes you there! This is great for explorers who have great ones written down, and want to get around quickly. A list of commands can be found in the help menu (/help), or

The Bonus Chest option just spawns a chest close to your spawn, with a few torches around it. These usually contain either wooden tools, or the materials to make wooden tools, and food.

Now, I say ‘Chests’. This is because there is even better news regarding chests. Those who use Tekkit, or mods that add an Ender Chest will be familiar with this term. It is a chest that shares its contents between every placed one. They can only be singles, but you can have one in your mine, house, village, stronghold, and put your resources in at one end, and take them out at the other. In Multiplayer, each person has their personal inventory, so this is more security.

They are crafted with 8 obsidian around the outside, and an Ender Eye in the middle. Unless they are broken with Silk Touch, they will only drop the obsidian, requiring you to get more Ender Eyes.

Remember back in Beta, when 1.8 was classed as the ‘Adventure’ Update, but the Adventure never came? It’s here. At the moment, you can only turn Adventure Mode on through cheats, using Adventure in the gamemode section of the Mode changing cheat, but it is there. This isn’t guaranteed for 1.3, but we do know some features.

No breaking blocks. At all. Only through explosions can blocks be destroyed. You can still fight mobs,trade with villagers, and interact with doors, buttons, etc. Just no breaking. This is a good idea, allowing the Fanbase to create actual adventure maps people can’t wreck, and will enjoy.

Only 4 major changes have happened. New villages, Cocoa Pods, GUI, and Gravel.

Up until now, Villages spawning always had the same design, cobblestone buildings. Now, when the Village spawns in a Desert biome, it will change. It now has sandstone for the buildings, sandstone stairs in the roofs. Don’t fret, however, all professions can still be found, with the same randomness as the regular villages.

Cocoa beans are used for brown wool dying, and Cookies. But, sadly, these can only be found in Dungeons and Mineshafts. And, now, Jungle Trees. That’s right, you can now find what I call ‘Cocoa Pods’ on the side of trees in the Jungle Biome. This makes it much easier to make cookies! They start off small, and grow overtime, like wheat.

In Creative, there is now a better GUI interface. You can search by category, or by name, and access the Survival Inventory. This makes it so much easier, and eventually time saving, to find what you want. It takes some time to learn what category things are, but the Name Search function is incredibly useful.

Now, my biggest annoyance is the new Gravel Texture. I like the old one, and this new one looks like the Silver ore from several mods. But whatever, texture packs will arise reverting the gravel back to it’s past state.

The only main bug I found is that blocks will occasionally break then respawn, and you will sometimes be teleported back to where it happens. Also, the game seems to use more RAM than it should, and Mojang are working hard to fix this.

I’ll try to have a video up soon with all of these features, so stay tuned.

Books have received a change also, with the new crafting recipe adding one leather in the bottom right grid, making the total materials 3 paper 1 leather.

With books, you can now write your own! You need to make it a Quill and Book, as seen below, but then you just have to right-click it. Once you have written what you want, you only have to sign it, and that is simply adding a title. This is useful in so many ways, in Role Play servers, shop keepers could use this to track what they sell, buy, etc.

A great new feature is the new ways to get experience. Until now, it has been violence exclusive to level up, but no more. You now get experience for mining ores that drop something that isn’t smeltable (Coal, Lapis, Redstone, and Diamonds) and for smelting ores (Iron and Gold). I am amazed, as I have been preparing a video for Trading, and I haven’t gone below 40, and I reached level 20 in a day simply by mining coal and smelting. This is mainly to advertise enchanting, to encourage its use.

Richard Administrator
Hi, this is Richard. I am a part-time writer and a full-time mother to my dog. I specialize in health and fitness writing.I love listening to Lo-Fi music
Richard Administrator
Hi, this is Richard. I am a part-time writer and a full-time mother to my dog. I specialize in health and fitness writing.I love listening to Lo-Fi music