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Stress And Anxiety Symptoms And Solutions

Stress and anxiety are responsible for 45 million working days lost every year.

What does this suggest?

Not only do stress and anxiety cause people to break down emotionally and sometimes psychologically from time to time, these also limit to some extent their capacity to function at a normal level.

What Is Stress, What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety and stress, while being totally different conditions, can often overlap and manifest at the same time. Both of these are normal parts of everyone’s daily lives and to some extent, helpful in allowing each of us to respond better to situations. But, once these exceed the levels tolerable by the person affected by these, these become destructive to the point of negatively affecting the physical and mental health of that person.

Stress is a very important part of our basic fight-or-flight instinct. It allows us to respond very effectively to certain situations that call for quick responses. In a lot of ways, stress is what causes most of us to be more productive, to keep ourselves at bay from danger and to stay motivated. Get the best CBD oil for anxiety and feel relaxed and take a break.

But, too much stress is dangerous. A very strong response to stress is harmful not only to one’s well-being but also to one’s health. A number of psychological and medical conditions have been directly linked to constant exposure to stress.

Anxiety, in small, tolerable quantities, could be very helpful as well. But again, just like with stress, once anxiety reaches a level that is beyond the capacity of a person to bear, mental and physical symptoms may manifest. Anxiety occurs mostly in the mind of the sufferer, but as with stress, physical symptoms such as muscle twitching, trembling and tightening, headaches, difficulty swallowing, abdominal pain, and dry mouth may accompany it. Other symptoms include rapid breathing, difficulty breathing, dizziness, irregular heart rate, diarrhea, irritability (usually accompanied by loss of temper), decreased concentration, sleeping difficulties, fatigue, and sexual problems.

Combined, anxiety and stress could cause specific phobias, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder.

When anxiety and stress have gone too far…

At tolerable levels, the experience of stress and anxiety are normal and are quite helpful. However, once these start to rule over your life and your sanity, you will have to do something about it.

Start addressing your problem by making an inventory of the possible causes. This may be very difficult at first because in most cases, the root causes are unconscious.

What do you worry most about? Is there anything that is constantly on your mind? Is there something that you fear will happen? Is there something that makes you particularly depressed or sad? Are there thoughts that are adding to your anxiety?

Then look for stress and anxiety you can trust with who you can talk with. Sometimes, all it needs for you to cure the stress and anxiety that have come over you are a few hours spent talking with someone and a few advices that could help you cope with these.


One can also get rid of their stress, tension, anxiety, depression, or ither such problems by talking to their closed ones if they feel comfortable about it. Being vocal about your problems to others is the best and the easiest cure. That is the reason therapy and counselling sessions are getting in the trend.

Richard Administrator
Hi, this is Richard. I am a part-time writer and a full-time mother to my dog. I specialize in health and fitness writing.I love listening to Lo-Fi music
Richard Administrator
Hi, this is Richard. I am a part-time writer and a full-time mother to my dog. I specialize in health and fitness writing.I love listening to Lo-Fi music